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In order to be able to fully access the course in this Moodle site, registration is required. Follow these instruction to register:

1) Click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button below.
2) Fill in the registration form

* For students, use your NIM as a username (in all small letter). For lecturers, use any name that is easily identifiable to you (also in all small letter).

* The password must consist of a minimum of 8 (eight) characters. It should contain minimum one Capital letter, one small letter, one number and one symbol. e.g.: MyMo*dl3

* Use an active email address for registration because it will be needed for communication in Moodle, password reset, and registration. Organization email or Gmail account is highly recommended.

* In Institutional Information select your profession (lecturer or student) and use your NIM (for students) or NIP/NIK (for lecturer)

4) Check the registered email for confirmation message. Confirm the registration by clicking the confirmation link in the email
5) Login with user account that has been confirmed. Edit the profile if necessary. Incomplete profile is subject to deletion after 2 (two) weeks.
6) To enroll in a course, an enrollment key is needed. Please contact the lecturer for the enrollment key

(Note: Only students and lecturers of English Education Study Program Universitas Jambi is eligible for registration. Use of this Moodle site by other individuals require administrator approval  and the registration must be done by the Admin.