This course is a compulsory course which aims at enabling students to be able to read and to comprehend the academic texts as well as performing the comprehension into writing various simple texts.

Membahas kajian tentang Ilmu Sosial dan Budaya Dasar

This workshop aims at introducing the learners to Moodle as a Course Management System. The learners will learn to develop and manage their own Moodle course from the very basic. As this is a workshop, the expected outcome of this course is for the learners to create their own ready-to-use Moodle course consisting of, at the very basic, (1) Course Syllabus, (2) Materials, (3) Communication and Notification System. In the next level, the learners will also be able to create various activities and modules that can enhance their classroom interactions, as well as to create assessment and grading system, classroom management, etc,