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Group H

1. Wangsa Mayang

2. Ruth Trifena Naibaho

3. Hezy Nazera'

4. Mania Dassandra

In this course, you will learn about the 16 tenses of english

In this course, students will be able to find specific information in a conversation, understand a conversation between more than 2 people, and communicate to receive or give information by listening to video/audio that already provided.

Group Name:

M Iqbal Adrian

Mutia Rahmadani

Ghaziyah Nur Islami

Pambudi Dwi Rahmadan

this is the only exercise for CMS Class

Group A

1. Wike Safitri

2. Muhammad Holdhon

3. Herfeny.H

4. Rizki Dwiki Reza Usman

This is an example course

The best way of learning pragmatics